Ocean Crest Marine Resources

The company, OCEAN CREST MARINE resources limited began operations in 2018, with the determination of closing the gap in the maritime industry using technology to bring about convenience. It started as a Chandelling agency then branched out into other aspects of shipping.
The Ocean Crest Marine Resources brand design focusing giving the brand a visual identity (Logo) and also their online Presence (Website).
  • Client
  • Ocean Crest Marine Resources Limited
  • Industry
  • Maritime, shipping
  • Services
  • Shipping, manning, vessel chartering, marine consulting
  • Branding Agent
  • Whelliyams
  • About Project
  • Ocean Crest Marine Resources Limited is a startup brand that required full on branding . My job basically was to give the brand a visual identity thats appealing to the public both online and offline.
  • Project Brief
  • No brief was given for this branding i had to work based on my own ideas. But it all came out well at the end.
Well Done, Love the color combination , the layout and placement of the website , Nice job